Welcome to ShinCoin

As you may or may not know, Iranian users have extremely huge problems for using the normal internet the way you and I do. All the major social networks, video hosting websites, and educational portals are blocked by the Islamic Regime of Iran, and people have to use weird methods (including V2Ray) to connect. Furthermore, they don't even have any access to Mastercard/Visa/Amex/Discover/etc for purchasing global services!

I, as the former owner of Aleph (@no_itsmyturn) and the dev and team leader of ShinCoin, started the free and paid VPN services for Iranians 3 years ago. I've a big audience amongst OSINT researchers and the Persian Twitter (@hey_itsmyturn) and I'm currently providing free/paid VPN as well as 3rd-party-provided premium accounts to the users who are not able to purchase any kind of international accounts/products through the Aleph Bot (Aleph VPN Bot)!

Why ShinCoin?

ShinCoin will soon be used for selling VPN services to Iranian users (my bot alone has over 50,000 users) for a discounted amount for VPN services! As well as discounted "Foreign services" that are not available to Iranian users!

But this is not the only usage of ShinCoin:

As an OSINT researcher, I'm planning to provide exclusive-access to my APIs, Bots and services (for example: notam drawer bot) to the token holders!

This, guys, is only the beginning! Have a great one!

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